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This is your Idaho Information Source, Idaho Insider. The door to Idaho is always open, and you are welcome. Come on in! See what Idaho has to offer. Here's a hint: There is more to Idaho than famous potatoes!

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On March 4, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the act creating the Idaho Territory. Then, on July 3, 1890, Idaho became the 43rd U.S. State. 2013, Idaho celebrated 150 years, the State's Sesquicentennial Anniversary.

If you love the outdoors, Idaho is the place for you. There are over 2,000 lakes and reservoirs. Hey, bring your boat! There are miles and miles of heart-pounding rivers for the whitewater rafting experience of a lifetime, and blue-ribbon streams to keep the avid fly fisherman happy and busy.

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The Pioneer Mountains
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You'll find mountains, valleys and woodlands, including the one largest wilderness area found in the lower 48 States!

Do you want to backpack or camp? There are thousands of miles of hiking trails for the beginner or veteran, and hundreds of great campgrounds for those who enjoy the luxury of a motorhome and those who simply camp with a tent.

Follow the trail of the Lewis and Clark expedition, or alongside the ruts made by the pioneer wagon trains headed west. Watch wildlife in their natural habitat. You're watching them, they're watching you. Visit towns and areas steeped in the history of Idaho. Some still unchanged.

It is all in this website. We'll help you with your plans for an adventure or family vacation. We can help with your plans to relocate or retire to this wonderland. We are your Idaho information source.

This is your Idaho information source. Do you have any questions about Idaho? Do you have comments or stories? Do you have any suggestions for this website? We want to hear from you. When its required, we'll get back to you quickly with a response.

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Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Pon-der-ray)
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In spite of natural beauty, the outdoor recreation opportunities, the good roads, and other positive factors, Idaho is not overrun with tourists, retirees or relocating families.

All that might be secret. I’m going to “let the cat out of the bag”. You'll find out everything I know about Idaho!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the great State of Idaho! Stick with me, your best Idaho information source, and you will learn a lot more about this wonderful place.

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The photo gallery is a reminder that Idaho is a photo opportunity.
Here is a photo gallery remembering the unsurpassed beauty of Idaho captured by both its visitors and residents.
Life in Idaho is different from life just about any place else.
Life in Idaho is quiet and peaceful but, at the same time, it can be much different than other places.
Idaho's top attractions are a display of natural and man-made wonders.
Include some of Idaho’s top attractions in your plans when you visit the state. The state’s attractions offer something for everyone, young and old.
Recreation areas in Idaho include National Forests and other managed locations.
Idaho’s agency-managed recreation areas are made up of varied locations providing recreational opportunities for everyone who loves the outdoors.
Idaho's State Parks are managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation.
Idaho features a number of spectacular State Parks scattered throughout the state.
Idaho has scores of public RV campgrounds at or near scenic recreational points
RV campgrounds are located throughout Idaho. The state's diverse landscape makes it an ideal destination for RVers of all ages
Landmarks, some of which are millions of years old, are important to Idaho.
Eleven unique landmarks in Idaho have been designated National Natural Landmarks by the U.S. Interior Department. But, there are more.
Scenic Byways of Idaho is a set of 27 awesome and historical mini-vacations.
Scenic Byways of Idaho, a collection of 27, scenic, historic and back country byways that will highlight the memories of your Idaho visit.
The historic trails of Idaho, like the California and Oregon Trails, are famous.
Follow the historic trails of Idaho to see how immigrants, gold seekers, fur traders and others made their way West.
Fly fishing in Idaho is storied. Idaho lays claim to a fly fisherman's paradise
Besides great fly fishing in creeks, lakes and reservoirs, Idaho provides the fly fisherman with over 10 blue-ribbon fly angling rivers.
Backpacking Idaho is popular, with more than 19,000 miles of hiking trails.
The outdoor adventure of backpacking is a trendy way to "touch" the natural beauty of Idaho's backcountry, but careful preparation is absolutely essential.
Rafting and kayaking on Idaho’s wild rivers is a popular adventure experience.
Many families visiting Idaho find rafting and kayaking on the state’s wild rivers a breathless, unforgettable vacation highlight.
Bike Idaho for some of the best outdoor biking in the northwestern U.S.A.
Bike Idaho! The air is fresh, the scenery is awesome and the variety of road and mountain biking trails is rated top notch.
Idaho's hiking trails range from amateur strolls to awesome veteran tests.
When it comes to travel by foot, Idaho's hiking trails offer everything from short, easy paths to major, hiking challenges for the tested veteran.
Winter activities in Idaho include skiing, snowmobiling and much more!
When it comes to winter activities, you are probably one or the other. You enjoy being out in the snow, or you would much prefer staying indoors where it is dry and cozy.
Over 2000 precious lakes and reservoirs are strewn about the State of Idaho
Idaho’s lakes and reservoirs make a great center of operation for the recreational adventures you and your family will be seeking on your visit to the state
Idaho local events should be considered when you visit.
Idaho local events are enjoyed by many Idahoans and travelers. Include one or more of these colorful events in your itinerary when you visit Idaho.
Idaho day trips out from towns are a popular travel idea.
Making planned Idaho day trips out from towns helps vacationers enjoy points of interest they might otherwise overlook.
Idaho family vacations make good sense. There's plenty for everyone to do.
Idaho family vacations are perfection. You will never run out of great things to do. The list is endless.
Making your adventure plans is the first step in arranging your Idaho adventure.
Ready to make your Idaho adventure plans? Get ideas from resources you need to help you make a good adventure decision.
Idaho features many other adventures that might be of interest to you.
Idaho offers many other adventures of interest to visitors and locals. Bird watching, biking and boating are some popular ones.
In wild Idaho, you can find birds, animals and fish everywhere you turn.
Wild Idaho is a show of birds, animals and fish for you to watch and enjoy.
Good food is available to locals and visitors, state-wide.
There’s good food - from cheap to expensive - all around the State of Idaho.
A brief early Idaho history begins with the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Idaho history, as recorded, always begins with the expedition by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, but native Americans were already present in what is now Idaho.
The Idaho potato is known well, but Idaho itself is not well known.
The Idaho potato is like a trademark. The potato is synonymous with Idaho. And, its more important to the State of Idaho than you might think.
About Idaho outlines Idaho's helpful governmental resources.
About Idaho details available governmental resources answering a large number of possible questions.
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